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What Exactly Is a Facebook Landing Page

You may be wondering what exactly is a Facebook landing page? To see a great list of how major corporations do it, click here. Simply put, the Facebook landing page is melbourne photo booths a visual introduction to your companies business page on Facebook. It’s not only geared to get someone to “Like” your page, but is a representation of your branding, style and professionalism. Remember, you can have either a personal or business page on Facebook. Realtors REALLY need to understand this. If you’re going to promote your listings, it needs to be done on a business page, NOT your personal page. I don’t really care, but Facebook does. They will shut down your personal page if they catch you. That goes for any type of business, if your going to promote, do it through a business listing and NOT your personal profile.

I recently spoke with a small business owner at a seminar and showed her the landing page I did for the University Club Louisville. She asked “What program did you use to do this?, I love it!” I told her her was a process of using Photoshop, image maps, coding and a Facebook application called Static HTML. (There are several apps you can use, I just prefer this one) For most business owners who do not have a Facebook business page or maintain their own, it makes sense to hire someone to bring it up to speed and maintain. There also is a certain level of coding involved in a landing page, especially if you want video or interactive elements such as roll overs. It’s not worth pulling your hair out over, trust me! Who would have ever thought a few years ago a Facebook page would be as important as a website? Believe it or not, you need both. Facebook is going nowhere soon and you have to have a professional presence on there, because if you don’t your competition sure will.

The main goal of your landing page should be two things:
1) Get the “LIKE”. If you can get a potential customer or client to like your page, you open up a whole new line of communication with them. You can also offer special discounts or rates to your fans. Once a person Likes you, their friends will see it as well, opening the possibility of more fans.

2) Drive traffic to your website. Your landing page can provide direct links to your website. This is especially important if you sell items online. Increased traffic is never a bad thing to any website.

If you have any questions or need a landing page, just contact me. I’m looking to further my portfolio in this area and would be more than happy to create a landing page you can be proud of!