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What Exactly Is a Facebook Landing Page

You may be wondering what exactly is a Facebook landing page? To see a great list of how major corporations do it, click here. Simply put, the Facebook landing page is melbourne photo booths a visual introduction to your companies business page on Facebook. It’s not only geared to get someone to “Like” your page, but is a representation of your branding, style and professionalism. Remember, you can have either a personal or business page on Facebook. Realtors REALLY need to understand this. If you’re going to promote your listings, it needs to be done on a business page, NOT your personal page. I don’t really care, but Facebook does. They will shut down your personal page if they catch you. That goes for any type of business, if your going to promote, do it through a business listing and NOT your personal profile.

I recently spoke with a small business owner at a seminar and showed her the landing page I did for the University Club Louisville. She asked “What program did you use to do this?, I love it!” I told her her was a process of using Photoshop, image maps, coding and a Facebook application called Static HTML. (There are several apps you can use, I just prefer this one) For most business owners who do not have a Facebook business page or maintain their own, it makes sense to hire someone to bring it up to speed and maintain. There also is a certain level of coding involved in a landing page, especially if you want video or interactive elements such as roll overs. It’s not worth pulling your hair out over, trust me! Who would have ever thought a few years ago a Facebook page would be as important as a website? Believe it or not, you need both. Facebook is going nowhere soon and you have to have a professional presence on there, because if you don’t your competition sure will.

The main goal of your landing page should be two things:
1) Get the “LIKE”. If you can get a potential customer or client to like your page, you open up a whole new line of communication with them. You can also offer special discounts or rates to your fans. Once a person Likes you, their friends will see it as well, opening the possibility of more fans.

2) Drive traffic to your website. Your landing page can provide direct links to your website. This is especially important if you sell items online. Increased traffic is never a bad thing to any website.

If you have any questions or need a landing page, just contact me. I’m looking to further my portfolio in this area and would be more than happy to create a landing page you can be proud of!

Make Any Image Perfect With Photo Masking

A picture is worth a thousand words, and never has that been truer than in the modern business world. Advertisement is the key to a customer’s heart and every billboard, poster and magazine photo needs to be perfect to get the proper message across. People look at the shining smiles of the men and women that are set in front of beautiful sunsets or unspoiled beaches and wish they were there. However, very few realize that image was created far away from that pristine setting, on a computer with photo masking. Visit for more information.

Digital photography has given us the ability to change almost everything about an image. You can alter its colouring, sharpness, background location and even who is in it. One of the most used image-altering tactics is photo masking. This technique takes your picture and splits it into multiple layers, usually foreground and background, but it can go further. With this you can send a beautiful model that is posing in your studio out into the desert or even on to the moon. And this is only one of the most basic uses for masking.

Basically, image masks work just like the real thing. They let us hide parts of the image and can make it appear as something it is not. For example, you often see dramatic sunsets in advertisements and yet you can’t seem to mirror them. The reason is because they take multiple pictures of the sun at different exposures that focus on foreground and background. Once they have been loaded on a computer, it is a matter of choosing the best foreground picture, turning into a mask and overlaying it. Now you have the perfect sunset where everything is in focus.

There are many ways that you can create photo masks. Perhaps the most popular is using the pen tool that is available with most Photoshop software. This is an easy method for tracing around the border of your subject and then copying and pasting onto another background. If you are dealing with a person or animal, the shape can be much more complex. For this you will need to use more advance techniques that involve colour channels and mixing. In the professional world, perfection is the standard for image quality and Photoshop errors mean a quick exit from the business. There is a fine balance to creating the right layer masks for images. If the colouring and borders do not blend correctly, then that perfect ad will not look natural. Worse, it will look cheaply made and lower customer confidence in the product. However, in the right hands, photo masking can be a powerful tool that will create the right setting for any subject.

Solar Water Heating Panel

When individuals choose to implement a solar water heating system in their homes, they will have to choose either an active or passive solar water heating system. Passive systems are usually used in warmer climates where the temperatures in the winter time do not reach freezing, or do not stay there for long periods of time. Active solar water heating systems are used in colder climates, especially the indirect circulation systems which use antifreeze in the pipe coils to heat the water that is in the storage tank. No matter which system is used, there is also a choice that has to be made in the type of solar water heating panel for the system to work.

Types of Panels

There are three basic types of solar water heating panels. The first is called a flat plate collector, which is usually a glazed flat plate that is insulated and contains a dark absorbent plate that sits beneath at least one glass or plastic cover. There are some flat plate solar water heating panels that are unglazed and have an absorbent plate that is made from metal instead of glass or plastic and is used to help heat swimming pools and other larger water supplies.

Another type of solar water heating panel is the integral collector storage system which is also called the ‘batch’ system by some. These systems use a glazed box instead of a plate and have at least one black tube or tank in it, through which the water passes to become heated. When the water passes through the tubes into the glazed box, it becomes heated by the sun’s rays so that the backup heater in the storage tank does not have to do much if any work.
The third type of solar water heating panels is the evacuated tube solar collector which is normally used in commercial settings rather than residential. In this type of collector, there are rows of glass tubes that have an outer and inner tube. The inner tube is made out of metal and is attached to a fin which has a coating on it to prevent heat loss.

Each of these types of solar water heating panels is used as the first stage of the water heating process since they utilize the sun’s rays to begin to heat the water, which is then pushed by various means into the storage tank to await use in the individual’s home or in a commercial setting.
How to Get Solar Power Grants for Residential Solar Systems
You need to decide on what type of solar power system you want in the first place.

How to install a solar water heater ?
Solar air heating systems use air as the working fluid for absorbing and transferring solar energy.

Time to Replace the Water Heater?
Other options are a heat pump, which draws heat from the air within the home and transfers it to the water; a solar water heater, which can provide up to 100 percent of residential […]

How does a solar water heater work ?
You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar pool heater.

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Announces Solar Energy Application
Solar water heaters typically consume between 50%-70% less energy than a standard gas or electric tank water heater, according to the Solar Rating & Certification Corp.

How to Install a Delta Kitchen Faucet

Many of people do not accustom themselves to the household chores and often depend upon the outside help even for the simplest household jobs. carpet tiles This can include repairing, removing or installing a delta kitchen faucet. If you are one of them, just put yourself in a situation when you can not access a help and are left with no way but to do it yourself scenario. What are your options?

There is no harm in acquiring some useful information about all these household chores, too. Whatever you learn never goes waste and comes to your use sometime in life. This will also spare you from facing the embarrassing situation wherein you might have to call for your neighbor or someone you do not like at all to help you install a delta kitchen faucet. Besides, it gives you somewhat special satisfaction if you could do it yourself and leaves a deep impression on your missus. So, why not learn to install a delta kitchen faucet now.
Kitchen faucets are generally available in different designs and functionalities. The main distinction is about their functionality depends upon the number of handles they have. For example a Compression kitchen faucet has two handles one for hot water, and one for cold water, while a mixed faucet comes with both the handles fused.

The kitchen faucet can also be differentiated in terms of the material they are made of. The popular types of kitchen faucet come in chrome or steel mould. The reason of their popularity may be because they shine well after polishing and restore to their elegance with normal cleanup. Also some conventional or antique style can be achieved through nickel and brass polish.

The process to install a delta kitchen faucet would vary if you want to replace a kitchen faucet or want to install a new one first time. Installing a new delta kitchen faucet is much easier than replacing it is. You can easily install the faucet first and fix the sink on it. Replacing may require you to work extensively with sinks and water supplies and holding the faucet in place while unbolting the nuts and screws. A challenging task if not difficult, at least.

You should use appropriate tool like a basin wrench may be of great help while installing a delta kitchen faucet. You should remove the aerator quick after installing and run the flush to let any clogged material is flow away with the force.

Is The Commission Split With Your Broker Fair?

Any real estate salesperson who tells you they’ve never questioned whether or not the commission percentage they pay their broker is justified is either lying, or way too trusting. home extensions Melbourne It’s okay, everyone does it.

A savvy professional owes it to themselves to regularly reassess whether or not they are being compensated fairly given the value they add to a business — this is only natural. Unfortunately, the real estate industry is one of those places where these sorts of questions are often answered with: “Well, we have always done it this way”, and as a result, there is a certain amount of transparency lacking in the reasoning behind these decisions.

How Does The Agent-Broker Relationship Work?
What can be confusing to many, is that the real estate agent that often shows and handles the majority of the sales process when property is bought or sold, is not actually the one who is paid directly by the client.

The commission (which can be up to 6% of the total sale price) is instead paid to the broker the agent operates under. water damage Why is this case? Well, due to the law, only a licensed broker can process the commission paid by a client, who then, after taking a cut, passes on what is the left to the agent.

What Percentage Of The Commission Does The Broker Take?
Here is where things start to get less clearly defined.

The split itself is agreed upon prior to the sale by the broker and the agent, and thus the percentage itself can be just about anything. In practice, however, the average agent to broker payment ratio typically is more like 50-50, or perhaps 60-40 for a more experienced, independent sales agent.

Is This Commission Split Structure Fair To The Agent?
As previously mentioned, the sales agent is usually the face of a real estate transaction they are involved in. Many times — especially for smaller deals like apartment rentals, for example — the clients themselves may never even meet the broker who is cashing their check.

So, while the broker certainly deserves their share of the spoils, is 50% really an equitable distribution model given the sales representative often handles a disproportionate amount of the work? Like Minetta Realty, some brokerages are starting re-think the standard real estate agent commission split.

The Case For The Broker
But wait, before you throw out the baby with the bathwater, it is important to keep in mind that the legal requirement for the broker’s involvement in the real estate sales process is not without justification.

Brokers must pass a more challenging exam than agents — one which usually requires a 100+ hour course to prepare for. office fitout In addition to this exam, brokers are also required to work in the field for a certain amount of time before they can obtain their real estate license. In the state of New York, for example, “Broker license applicants must have at least two years of full time experience as an active licensed real estate salesperson, or at least three years of full time experience in the general real estate field.”

As a result of this more rigorous licensing process, brokers often have a much more sophisticated understanding of the legal and financial context surrounding real estate transactions. This expertise can be invaluable when the lawsuits start flying (not uncommon given that there can be hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars at stake), or when navigating more complex financial situations. The money they are paid is most certainly earned.

Aside from expertise, brokers also typically provide a number of services and amenities that play a crucial role in enabling an agent’s success. Everything from leads, office space, CRMs, and business cards can sometimes be funded by the broker. Interestingly enough, in some scenarios the arguably most valuable asset a broker provides for the agent is something less tangible: a respected brand.

“Fancy office space and business cards are great and all, but when you start generating upwards of a hundred thousand dollars in revenue each year, even 30-40% can be quite the premium to forfeit.”

In Conclusion: Re-Evaluating The Compensation Status Quo
Regardless of your opinion on the credit due to brokers, one thing is clear: there are way too many variables at play for a one size fits all policy.

In turn, there really should be no “typical” real estate agent commission split rate.

Agents should consider their circumstances when determining how much of their pay to pass over to their broker. Some questions you can ask yourself to help figure this out are:

Do the nature of my deals require in depth financial and legal expertise?
If you are renting apartments to college students, or doing other normally friction-less transactions — like real estate referrals — then paying your broker a full 50-50% split is probably too much.

How dependent am I on my broker’s services and experience?
Even if you are involved in more high stakes, complicated property sales, there still may be cause to reconsider your current business arrangement with you broker.

After all, once you have developed your own strong personal brand, and source most of your leads through referrals and word of mouth anyway, then it may be time to ‘cut the umbilical cord’ and strike out on your own, or find a more hands off and less expensive broker to work with. Fancy office space and business cards are great and all, but when you start generating upwards of a hundred thousand dollars in revenue each year, even just 30-40% can be quite the premium to forfeit. Traditional brokerages often respond to this leverage by allowing their senior agents a more friendly compensation percentage, but even then there is commonly a ceiling around 60%, which is rare and reserved for a select group of stand out contributors.

2014 Toyota Corolla Commercial

Subaru has some-more than usually a single reason to applaud a miracle in a automobile industry. First, 2007 outlines a three-year anniversary of 0 landfill standing at a production plant, Subaru of Indiana Automotive. Second miracle to car detailing applaud is a sale of a 100,000th PZEV or Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle.

Both milestones simulate a long-standing joining of a Japanese automaker in defence a environment. This actuality is avidly enjoyed by Subaru’s clientele. “We have been gratified to symbol these milestones,” pronounced Tomohiko Ikeda, a chairman, boss and CEO, Subaru of America Inc. “At Subaru, you have been committed to not usually say an in effect environmental government system, though additionally to confederate receptive to advice environmental practices via a business.”

In a Indiana Subaru plant, 0 is sent to a landfill. Why? Anything which is not recycled would outcome in some-more rubbish sent to landfills than a total Subaru production operations. The Subaru plant was a initial automobile plant in a United States to grasp a 0 landfill status, with all a rubbish being possibly recycled, reused or converted to physical phenomenon for a city of Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Subaru plant is additionally a directed towards backyard wildlife habitat. Deer, coyotes, beavers, geese, rabbits, blue herons, squirrels, ducks, meadowlarks and pick animals live there in relaxed coexistence with a Subaru plant. In 2006, Subaru was awarded a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Gold Achievement Award as a tip achiever in a agency’s WasteWise module to discharge rubbish and progress recycling initiatives.

Subaru additionally manufactures PZEV approved Legacy, Outback and Forester models, accessible for sale anywhere in a U.S. The PZEV certified, routinely aspirated, Subaru Legacy, Outback and Forester models have been SmartWay approved by a EPA. To date, Subaru has sole 100,000 Subaru PZEVs, which have ninety percent cleanser emissions than a normal new vehicle.

Currently, PZEVs have been a cleanest gasoline vehicles available. Additionally, they heed to emissions standards which have been infrequently even cleanser than a little hybrid or pick fuel product lines. These vehicles have such frozen wickedness controls, with a blazing of fuel so complete, which in really cloudy civic areas, empty out of a tailpipe can essentially be cleanser than a air outside.

The Subaru Outlook, versed with a 3.0 L H6, was launched at a 2004 Chicago Auto Show. The indication carries identical indication codes as a Legacy Wagon, BP9 for a 2.5 liter, and BPE for a 3.0 liter model. In Japan, a automobile is strictly called a Legacy Outback. The Outback perceived styling revisions for a 2008 indication year. Saturn automobile tools have been mutated to progress a vehicle’s appeal. It facilities particularly enlarged, chrome-ringed griddle and pick cutting-edge parts.

The Subaru Forester is a compress crossover SUV expelled in a United States in 1998, formed upon a framework of a Subaru Impreza. This year a Forester line was stretched to 5 models: a 2.5 X, 2.5 X L.L. Bean edition, Sports 2.5 X, 2.5 XT Limited, and a Sports 2.5 XT. The Subaru Legacy, upon a pick hand, is a mid-size automobile launched as a larger, upscale kin to a Leone or Loyale. In 1990, a automobile was launched in a USA with a newly grown fighter engine blueprint called a EJ series.

According to a EPA, Subaru’s PZEVs have been between a cleanest and many fuel-efficient vehicles accessible in a United States formed upon hothouse gas emissions, air pollution, and altogether fuel economy. Subaru PZEVs flourish parsimonious wickedness controls and a blazing of fuel is so comprehensive which in really smoggy civic areas, empty out of a tailpipe can essentially be cleanser than a air outside. Subaru PZEVs have been additionally U.S. EPA Certified SmartWay Vehicles. Also, Subaru PZEVs encounter California’s empty glimmer standard.